(Reuters ) Until Tuesday, Duval did not own a victory over anyone ranked higher than 69th. She had not faced a woman in the top 20. Stosur was seeded 11.
Teenager Overcame Incredible Hardships to Pull Off Shock Win at U.S. Open
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AUGUST 29, 2013

Victoria Duval, a 17-year-old from Miami, pulled off the biggest shock of the U.S Open so far yesterday, knocking out 2011 Champion Samantha Stosur in the first round.
But Duval also has an incredible backstory. She was born in Florida, but grew up in her parents' home country of Haiti. When she was 7, she and some cousins were taken hostage there by robbers.
After that traumatic episode she moved back to the U.S but when Haiti was rocked by an earthquake in 2010, her father was buried in rubble, badly injured and lucky to survive.
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