(Shakil Adil / AP) Humanitarian leader Abdul Sattar Edhi, left, has a meal with children living in one of his charity houses in Karachi, Pakistan. Edhi is a devout Muslim, but critical of Islamic clerics in general, not just extremists. He says they focus on ritual, preaching hellfire and defending the faith against imagined enemies, rather than helping the poor _ which he says should be the cornerstone of all faiths.
Aging Philanthropist is Pakistan's Mother Teresa
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AUGUST 31, 2010
Chris Brummitt, Associated Press

The aging man in mud-splattered, frayed clothes has barely lowered his body onto the sidewalk when the money starts piling up. Heeding his call for donations for flood victims, Pakistanis of all classes rush to hand over cash to Abdul Sattar Edhi, whose years of dedication to the poor have made him a national icon.
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