(File photo) Every year since 1988, Lorraine Jara has organized "Be Kind to Humankind" Week to encourage citizens to be kind to neighbors and strangers alike. On Monday the emphasis is kindness on the road.
Be Kind: Motorist Consideration Monday
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AUGUST 27, 2007
Lorraine Jara, Be Kind to Humankind

Oh, the days of old... when we could take a leisurely drive in our automobiles while enjoying every minute of it. We often made it a family tradition to take a Sunday drive just for the sheer enjoyment of it.
Unfortunately, those days seem long gone because of our over-populated roadways, over-stressed motorists, and over-zealous freeways. Thankfully, we can still head out to the country and find a few of those good old scenic routes to enjoy at a relaxed pace.
No matter where we are heading - whether off to work, out to a function or event, or on a cross-country drive - we must remember the simple but necessary rules of the road. This is my story of how I try to make my trip, and the trips of those that I share the road with, a nicer experience.
Each day when I travel, I try my best to be considerate of other motorists. I allow others to come out in front of me in lines of traffic and when one person at a time is given this courtesy by each driver, it definitely helps the situation to run smoother. I guess it is simply "taking turns" on the roadway in heavy stand-still traffic.
When possible, I also tell drivers if they have a tail light out, such as if the other driver and I happen to stop at a red light side by side. I gesture for their attention and tell them of the light being out. They are always extremely grateful; I may have just saved them from a potential accident waiting to happen. Or perhaps they will avoid being pulled over by a policeman and receiving a fine.
I always yield to pedestrians. On cold wet days I keep in mind that they are standing outside freezing and waiting to cross the street while I am in my nice warm car staying dry. Always yield to pedestrians.
It should go without saying, but never drive while intoxicated! The immense seriousness of driving drunk or drug-impaired is super. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol risks the lives of others and yourself. Please, never drive when you are not able.

Visit the "Be Kind to Humankind" Week web site to find more practical and helpful ways to drive safely. Additionally, we are always looking for a positive story to post on "Be Kind to Humankind" Week. So, if you would like to submit a "Kind Acts in Action" story along with a picture, please log onto our site. Happy Driving! And remember... kindness should be practiced daily.