One of AMCs naturalist guides talking about local plant species with families taking a hike on the trails surrounding the lodge. (AMC)
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SEPTEMBER 28, 2013
Eileen Ogintz, Fox Travel

The Appalachian Mountain Club is celebrating the 125th anniversary of the mountain huts -- the oldest hut-to-hut network in the country.
The AMC is even older. Founded in 1876, it's the oldest conservation and outdoor recreation organization in the country with more than 100,000 members and supporters. Today, a big part of its mission is to encourage families to get outdoors. "The benefits of getting outdoors together as a family are immeasurable, from introducing kids to the sense of accomplishment in climbing a mountain to encouraging a lifelong enjoyment of getting active outdoors," said John Judge, president and CEO of the AMC.
It can be good for the environment too. The AMC and other experts believe that fostering a kid's connection to nature is a key component in building the next generation of conservationists and there's no better time than the fall, wherever you live, to start building that connection.
Also check out the National Wildlife Federation's Hike and Seek programs scheduled in cities across the country. They're a cross between a scavenger hunt and short hike with interactive stations all along the trail.
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