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By Debbi Perez

Happynews Citizen Journalist

Heroes come in many different sizes.

Damien Perez who lives near Los Angeles, and K.J. Koutney, who lives near Sacramento met at a gathering for peers of academic intelligence, and then continued corresponding by telephone. Together they devised a plan to raise funds for cancer research.

They are both 8 years old.

K.J. and Damien, both talented artists, purchased blank note cards from the local computer supply store, and started selling their paintings. They called the new project "Kids Curing Cancer."

The cards were packaged up for sale and K.J. and Damien started going door to door in their own neighborhoods. They spent two hot summer months standing in front of local stores, knocking on doors, and even sold cards on the web. K.J. and Damien sold over 100 packages to raise $500 over the past two months.

When asked what they'd like to be in the future, both kids replied simultaneously and enthusiastically.


A week ago they toured the Burnham Institute in San Diego, where over 500 scientists work, many of them on cancer treatments. There, Damien shook hands with cancer researcher Dr. John Reed

"I wish you luck on finding a cure for cancer," said Damien, "but if you don't find it, when we're older, we'll be back to help you."

How you can help:

Orders for Kids Curing Cancer cards can be made from the Kids Curing Cancer website.

Editor's Note: Debbi Perez is the mother of Damien Perez.

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This story was produced by Happynews Citizen Journalist Debbi Perez. none

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